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Business Lessons from the Elections

Over the weekend I took some time to think about the recent Presidential elections and how one party beat the other party. I did this to think from a strategic prospective and to learn how business owners could learn from this process. Now it is important to know this is not a political discussion regarding political parties and their respective platforms.

This is a deeper review of the mechanics or strategies used to win. What was different and how did this difference lead to a competitive advantage? And, the important point to take from this is simple – there are right methods to use regarding the Internet. The question really is – are you doing the right things in your business to win a competitive advantage?

The most interesting aspect of the election centered upon the use of the Internet – the difference between the right and wrong way to engage your customers.

Here are a couple of key points about the use of the internet…

Six Steps to Fighting Failures

Some feedback I have received from people indict a need for more “how to fight failure” steps, so I wanted to give you six steps you can use starting today – if necessary.

First, let me remind you – some failures are going to happen. The key is to limit their consequences and impact using methods I discussed in previous articles. Failures are only events or happenings and have no bearing upon “who” you are. You are not the failure – the event was the failure. You are fine.

If you have difficulty understanding the impact or reasoning behind the second paragraph then you are a candidate for a good personal development seminar. Check out the Phoenix Seminar, especially since it is now online.

Okay, back to the six steps…

Seven Things to Learn from Failure

Earlier I talked about four ways to deal with failure. And, one of the ways to deal with failure was to learn from the failure. Yet, several people have asked me “exactly what do I learn from a failure?”

Good question as some felt it only learning to accept failure or the reason was only them.

The really is there are at least seven things we can learn from any failure. It is our role to discover the answers to these primary seven learning points. These answers form the reasons why the failure occurred so it is critical to your personal growth. So here are the primary seven…

Four Ways to Deal with Failure

I know I usually read about good positive information and it will be positive – just read on.

As I reviewed the Phoenix Seminar for its Online debut, I remembered how many people have shared their failures in life or business or with others. Yet, most learned how to change their perception of dealing with failure after the Phoenix Seminar.

One of the keys to dealing with or coping with failure is to learn the Four Ways of Dealing with Failure…

Phoenix Seminar is now Online

Hi everybody, the personal leadership and development seminar – The Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy is now online. It is now available 24/7 for people who want to learn How to Succeed in Life.

Check out the original Phoenix Seminar website to learn about how it helps people to succeed and achieve what they want in life.

Now if you’re looking for some magic bullet or get rich quick process – this is NOT the place to go.

Here you will learn what causes failure and success in people’s lives. Then what you can do to change your results in life.

Hiring a High Performance Person?

Recently I was listening to an expert of high performance talk about how to find high performers for your team. It was very interesting listening to how he built his team to service all his customers around the globe.

Seems he has learned how to narrow the search using only one primary question. And, yes, he does ask for all the traditional information along with the candidates resume and stuff. Yet, this one question is his silver bullet question.

Assuming you also are looking for high performers here is the key question…

Big Dilemna for Leaders – Goals or Problems?

Often when listening to managers and executives talk about their people and what they see as a lack of commitment, the issue really started with the leaders. Okay, confused? So are several leaders when it comes to discussions about the outcomes they want and how to engage their people.

It seems most leaders are active goal seekers, spending their time thinking about what objectives to set to ensure the outcomes. Then they share the information in the form of goals with everyone on their team or staff. Yet, they don’t seem to be aware than in most cases only half of their people understand this goal stuff. Really, only half the people get it.

So what is going on in the minds of your staff regarding understanding goals?

Who Do You Serve?

As a product of the 1960’s I enjoy listening to the old song masters from this era. One of my favorites is Bob Dylan. So this weekend I listened to some of his original songs and got inspired by one particular song – “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

Now I could go into a long discussion about the importance of customer service or servitude leadership – yet, Dylan took this verse to the ultimate. He continuously asked the questions and posed comparisons to what is available for you to make a choice – good or bad, the devil or the lord, and several additional points of reference.

Since the scope of this collection of short articles and posts are directed to the leaders in our world – whether the leader is involved in running a company (big or small) to running the country, state, or city – it really boils down to the choices you make everyday. And, You Gotta Serve Somebody!

Do Your People Know How to Keep Score?

Okay, I know the title is a little difference and some of you are thinking – what is he talking about today?

Actually, I thinking about how often when I’m working with a group of people in an organization – these people have no idea how they are expected to succeed within their company. Really? Yes, Really!

What is going on here?

It is quite simple. No one has showed them how to keep score and what methods to use to score higher in their performance evaluations.

Increase Productivity – You Stop Multi-Tasking

GEEZ! It is amazing to hear how often smart business people exclaim about how great they are at multi-tasking. And, in the same breathe state how much they are getting done. Are You Kidding Me?

If you are an acclaimed multi-tasking individual I only have one question for you…

Are You Regularly Achieving Your Goals? Are You Producing High Value Outcomes?

Okay, I cheated – there were two questions. However, more importantly, how did you answer these two questions?

Most people I coach (therefore I really know how well they are performing) truly believe multi-tasking is the only way they can operate within their organization. Therefore, they spend an typical day going back and forth working on as many projects, tasks and activities as they can. Major mistake!

There are several reasons why people believe in multi-tasking and here are a few of the reasons stated most often…