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What Has Changed without Your Awareness?

This weekend I watched parts of several football games – both college level and professional. And, while watching them I had an aha moment regarding how things change without us being aware of the changes.

My aha was regarding the offensive lineman and specifically their technique. What I was playing football, lineman were not allowed to grab the defensive player at any point. In fact, we were taught to grab our own jerseys and basically use our arms as big flippers to hit our opponent. Therefore, it was easier for the defensive players to attack the offense and make plays.

Today the rules of the game have changed. It appears an offensive lineman can grab as much jersey as he wants as long as he does get outside the opponents arms. Therefore, watching these football games was an exercise in watching basically wrestling matches at the line of scrimmage.

My initial thoughts were – wow I could have really good if I could have grabbed hold of the defensive player’s jerseys during a game. With my long arms this would have stopped my opponents dead in their tracks and I would have won even more of these battles.

Okay, so what does my story of football have to do with leadership today?

5 Reasons Teams Fail

Teams are still a hot topic in the business world. I remember the impact of total quality movements on team development and functionality. And, likewise there were both successes and failures on the business side.

There were consultants and researchers studying the reasons for success and failure in total quality teams. There results were also all over the board so success was harder to grasp.

While there are many reasons for team failures including two of the bigger issues – lack of a common or shared goal and a lack of individual responsibility or accountability to get their share of the results. The latter reason is my focal point for this article.

There are Five Reasons Teams Fail, check these out and see if your teams have any of these issues to correct.

What Can Leaders Learn from the Rolling Stones? A lot!

Okay, some of you know I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan and recently I watched a concert presented in Hyde Park. At first, I was going with the flow of their songs and the joy and excitement of the crowd. Then I began to think about what leaders could learn from this amazing group of old dude’s in today’s market.

I know the old dude was not necessary, yet, here is the core group of the Rolling Stones in the their late 60’s or older entertaining their fans – their loyal fans who knew the words to every song played.

So what do leaders of organizations need to relate to when thinking about the Rolling Stones and their Organizations?

Here are the Five Lessons to the Longevity of this group – driving at least 50 years of success and music together.

Marketing Email is NOT Dead

Okay,I know most of you feel if you get another Marketing Email you will explode. And, some people regularly complain about the number of emails they receive every day.

Yes, I feel that way on occasion = especially with the uninvited spammers who seem to get pleasure with filling my inbox with all types of offers and screaming “buy my stuff!”  Truthfully, these are the emails giving emails a bad rap.

The facts are the world revolves around your email. Even the social media is email needy. That’s right – even social media uses email. Think about it. To sign up for a social media account the first thing they want is your email address. Then the social media accounts use your email to notify you about events, connections, likes, group activity, articles of interest to you and on-&-on.

Yet, every time I listen to a Marketing or Business guru, they are always pointing out the need for an email list of customers and prospects. In fact, several state…

Trends for 2014 and beyond for the Business Leader

As a new year begins to unfold I assume you have taken the time to review the results of this year. Reviewing the results of the year is very important – if you are interesting in results and execution.

The fact is plans are a dime a dozen – everyone has plans. There are Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Sales Plans, Developmental Plans, New Development Plans and Key Account Strategic Plans. However, plans without an extensive review and comparison to expectations is only a sheet of paper with writing or numbers upon it.

The key is the execution of the plans which directly relate to the results and outcomes your organization or business  unit accomplishes. This is the time of the year to take long looks, dialogues and focus upon what has occurred against what was planned. By focusing on your results, you can put together an improved plan for the future.

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to one of the futurist thinkers of our time and he pointed out four specific trends occurring in our business environment for us to reflect upon. By reflecting I mean taking a hard look at your industry, apply what you learn about these trends and then assume something is going to happen in your marketplace with a definitive impact upon your plans.

The four trends are…

  1. Smart Devices are taking on more emphasis
  2. Amazon is going after new industries
  3. Technology and Social Media determines your business level
  4. Robotics are coming fast

Let me explain how these trends will impact organizations.

Interesting Customer Service Trends – Good or Bad?

Over the weekend I began to think about the trends in Customer Service and I started to feel a little uneasy about some of my realizations. So today I felt the need to write about Customer Service and I would really like to see your thoughts on these trends. So be sure to leave me a comment below after you read this Trend Update.

Okay, first let me say that in my opinion Customer Service is a Critical Business Function. An excellent customer service mindset can create a company – Zappo’s; it differentiate one company from another – Apple vs Microsoft after the first Apple Stores were opened; and finally, you can create Customer Loyalty due to the way situations are handled – Nordstroms who is very proud of their level of customer service and only have One Rule for New Employees…

Welcome to Nordstrom

We’re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.

Please feel free to ask your department manager, store manager, or division general manager any question at any time.

Now Nordstrom has a brilliant idea – simple the rules, trust their people, train their people in customer service and make use of Good Judgment – which I assume contains a heavy dose of “common sense.”

While these companies are doing well (with the possible exception of the current APPLE) there are some trends growing in the “me -too” world of corporate business. These trends are…

Government Shutdown and the Real Role of Leadership

As with most people in the United States I have watched the unfolding of a stand off between the President and Congress with keen interest. My focus recently has been upon the role of leadership or this case a lack of true leadership. It is possible this politicians should take a moment to read an article entitled “Shared Leadership.”

As a Business Adviser, I work hard to simplify what is actually happening – using the Law of Cause and Effect to clarity the reality of situation. So here are my observations regarding this apparent deadlock of ideals…

First, blame is not of any interest to me. You can blame all of them if you desire. In fact, I have observed many discussions and diatribes assigning blame to everyone – which in my opinion is not an accurate effort. It is true however there is a lack of real leadership within all groups – White House and Congress.

Time Management is All About Your Choices

Hardly a week goes by without someone asking or telling me about Time Management issues. Sometimes it is their personal time management issues and other times it has to do with their respective team members. Yet, most people feel Time Management is all about some hard skills or techniques – we are supposed to use everyday.

Thus, the continuous call for Time Management  workshops or how to manage our time better.

Hey, the truth is Time Management is All About Choices. Yes, the choices you make everyday and basically every minute of your day determines your use of the precious time available to you. Now, it is truth in the business world others do take control of your calendar quite often – mostly for meetings rather than actual results oriented actions.

You can take back control of your life – time management – by reviewing your answers to seven simple and straight forward questions. The key is to REVIEW Your Answers and Responses to the questions for insights into how to become more effective and productive – every day.

People Add Complexity to Small Company CEO’s

Often when working with some of our small business clients I have felt (and heard) the frustration of the founding entrepreneur when speaking about their business. What gives? Is the question I have asked myself and the founder of these companies.

Well, I finally got the answer from research done by James Fischer.

While most people focus upon the sales or profit growth of any organization as the cause of this frustration, they are wrong. The real culprit is a growing number of employees. This fact has been overlooked by some very smart people until this research exposed the true.

Basic Sales Training being offered Online

Many clients keep asking us about having training and information online for the flexibility and timing they want. And, the lower costs of having a proven training process allows for the individual or team to learn at their pace rather than a seminar leader.

So one of the first offerings we have placed online is Basic Sales Training. Again, we designed it with our customers in mind by providing three different versions to fit your needs at the highest level. Here are the three versions…

  • Fast Track Basic Sales Training – for the “newbie” or “promoted to sales” sales person. The Fast Track sessions are just what the title indicates – a fact track to learning enough to be capable of successful selling. 21 major principles are presented to show the individual “How to Sell Well.”
  • Basic B2B Sales – Designed for the sales person moving into selling larger “corporate” type of accounts. You learn the differences between selling to consumers or one decision maker companies to the more complex, multiple call committee or group sell. Explore the thinking and strategy side of B2B Sales.
  • Basic Sales Training Course – a comprehensive and proven sales training course providing the sales person with all the sales skills and techniques needed to compete with anyone in sales. A true Professional Sales course delivering not theory but proven “how to sell” techniques and tactics you can use immediately.

Check out this short video to learn more about our sales training site. Be sure to share it other people who need sales training for themselves or their organization.

How To Chose Your Basic Sales Training Online.

Be sure to share this information and video with others – and it is great if you choose to “like” the video. Thanks.