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Success is as Easy as 1-2-3

My recent article on the Three C’s to a Successful Life must have hit a hot button with you and a lot more folks! So, I thought, what else would be helpful to people seeking more success?

I remembered my friend Gary Blair a.k.a The Goals Guy and all the amazing work he has done for both individuals and organizations in leading success and achievement. Achievement is the trigger for success. The more you achieve relative to your goals and objectives in life, the better you feel about yourself. In fact, at that point you world takes on a new aura of happiness, success and positive feeling about yourself.

Therefore, I thought about how could I help you kick start your success over the next 3 months?

The Three “C’s” to a Successful Life

One of the hottest topics these days is about success. Seems a lot of people are trying to figure out how to be successful at work, at play or at home.

First thing is I admire the people who take a moment in their valuable time space to think about success. The truth is you are hard-wired for success, yet, sometime gets in the way. Distraction is the most common thing getting in our pathway to success – especially those of us who are continuously multi-tasking under the false assumption of being more productive. 🙁

When I began to think more about success I found a ton of information on the topic and got a little overwhelmed with the process of learning about success. Thanks goodness one of my natural strengths is problem solving and another strength is to simplify the complex into usable steps.

Those I discovered the 3 “C’s” to a Successful Life. This includes all the different “at’s” you desire doing for success . 🙂

6 Myths to Effective Hiring

Selecting Unique High performing TalentHelping both large and small companies to select potential high performers for their team is one of our core strengths. Since 1990, I’ve seen and heard a number of comments – both full of wisdom and some lacking in thought.

The most important thing to focus upon in the hiring process is upgrading the talent level within your organization. This is the KEY to creating a high performance culture and improving your work environment. You know it is the quality of your teams and individuals that make the competitive difference in today’s marketplace.

Complacency in any area of the hiring and selection process can limit the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Based upon all my interaction with hiring managers and human resource executives, there are six universal myths I want to expose and discuss today. So, here are the Six Myths to Effective Hiring Processes…

Are You Using Goals or Directions?

Had an interesting observation last week during an intense dialogue about achieving goals. This dialogue crystallized a few important issues for me regarding the difficulty people have in accomplishing their “goals.” And I will share this with you now.

Seems the real issue begins with the initial commitment to an idea about setting a goal. Yes, I said ” initial commitment” rather than a game plan or anything else.

There are fundamental differences between setting – and committing – to a real goal. Most people choose to only set a “general direction” rather than a true goal.

Let me explain…

Five Fundamental Strategic Questions for Leaders

Growth StepsEvery Excellent Leader stays totally aware of their organizations growth. More specifically, the Leader is the Navigator for Organizational Direction.

Therefore, the Growth of the Organization is – or will be – a “Top of Mind” activity.

There are five fundamental Strategic Growth questions you can use to measure the success of your growth plan in the current economic environments.

5 Obstacles to Growth

Growth StepsGrowth is the key factor in everything we do. From Business Growth, Opportunity Growth, Financial Growth or Personal Growth – the key connection is Growth. Positive Growth is more accurate.

Growth is our lifeline to the future. Think about periods of no growth – like the “Great Recession” several years ago. The decline in growth hurt – revenues declined, incomes declined, homes were lost, jobs were lost, morale was low, and people were naturally more negative about things.

Growth is the only thing that can substantially change the course of the low ebb tide of performance and mindsets. Without growth, we would still be in this mental and actual bind of negativity and decline.

So how can we improve Growth? What can leaders do to increase the opportunities for growth? What can individuals do to improve their growth opportunities? Here’s how…

A Simple Method for Overcoming Excuses and Fear

As a Business Advisor and Coach, Robin and I are constantly listening to people tell us why they can’t do this or that, as well as excuses using either parents, past practices, routines and old patterns of behavior.

Recently, one of my mentors used a video to set the stage for us to stop making excuses as to why we could not implement his system into our life. Business and Life success is often predicted upon our ability to let go of the past and do allow for something new to take it’s place  in our routines.

This video from a MAD TV show does explain how to implement the necessary change in our current behaviors and move forward. Enjoy this fun and meaningful scene from Bob Newhart …

Need to Increase Your Personal Performance?

If you are like most of us, we have been programmed from an early age with mental scripts that are running in our sub-conscious mind. Yes, in did say – subconscious mind.

Research and studies have noted the  subconscious mind has been the primary location for limiting beliefs and other types of blocks to our productivity and performance.

The Good News is You Can Change these Old Scripts with New Scripts which align with Your Goals. Whether these goals are personal or business related – it does not matter since the process or system works. A proven process will place you in control of your personal destiny.

Take a moment to watch Robin L Graham introduce the process used to put you in control of your thoughts and actions. Click on continue to watch this very cool and nature filled video – the starting point for you changing your life…