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Opportunities… Both Great and Small

Great opportunities generally only come along several times in a lifetime.   You know, those great opportunities that seem almost miraculous.  Inventions, writing a best seller, finding the love of your life, being accepted in an ivy-league school, selling your company for a gazillion dollars.  But small opportunities come along every day.

What might some of those opportunities be?

  • Starting the day off right with some reflective reading
  • Reaching out to a friend who needs you
  • Giving it “your very best” at work
  • Offering your services to someone who needs just what you have to offer
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter or soup kitchen
  • Adopting an animal who needs a good home
  • Tutoring an adult in reading skills
  • Going “above and beyond” in your job
  • Reading a non-fiction book
  • Packing your child’s lunch with a special note inside
  • Offering a smile to someone you pass
  • Teaching a class at church, a non-profit, or at the local college campus
  • Holding the elevator door for someone
  • Learning a new language
  • Taking old newspapers to the animal shelter
  • Picking up groceries for someone who is stuck in the house
  • Taking used magazines to the nursing home or retirement village
  • Offering a ride to someone who is having car troubles
  • Driving a friend or co-worker to chemo treatments
  • Making soup for someone who is sick
  • Taking an adult learner class at the university
  • Holding a friend’s hand who is hurting

The list goes on and on.  Today… begin to think of ways you can improve someone’s life just for one moment. Make sure your life is filled with “action” words.  It will have lasting effects for everyone.

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Judy W Bell

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