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More on Trust… From Character Trait to Competency

Stephen Covey has written unending books and papers on trust and very few people can touch his wisdom when it comes to discussing, understanding, and engaging trust.

Covey believes that the first job of a leader is to extend trust and to inspire trust.  Whew!   How many people can deliver this easily?

An interesting way to look at trust is to look first at the character trait and then to the competency that is gleaned from the trait.

For example…

Character Trait Competency

Self-Trust                                                             Credibility

Relationship Trust                                             Behavior Consistency

Organizational Trust                                         Alignment

Market Trust                                                       Reputation

Societal Trust                                                      Contribution

Lack of trust is very costly.  What training and processes are you putting in place to ensure that your organizational trust is intact?

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Judy W Bell

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