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More on Spiritual Intelligence

According to Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, Spiritual Intelligence can be witnessed in the business world in the following manner:

Spiritual Capital:

  • Preserves and renews resources
  • Sees future generations as stakeholders
  • Inspiring
  • Leadership as a vocation
  • Sense of fulfillment
  • Dedication
  • Addresses inequality and anger
  • Hope

These qualities have opposing characteristics in the common business scenarios:


  • Depletes resources
  • Ignores future generations
  • Personally dispiriting
  • Egotistic leadership
  • Stress
  • Corrupted self-interest
  • Fuels terrorism and unrest
  • Fear

Business and economic sustainability is attained when Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core value that is both voiced and practiced

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Judy W Bell

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