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More on Laughter… It’s just a Darned Good Thing!

Interesting “laughter facts” compiled by Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana

  • One good belly laugh burns off 3.5 calories
  • 15 seconds of laughter adds 2 days to your life span
  • University of Chicago studies show a great sense of humor can add 8 years to your life
  • The Chinese laugh more than any other culture in the world
  • A Loma Linda University study showed that laughter causes an endorphin release similar to the “high” that joggers get
  • Stanford University studies show a good belly laugh can give you health- boosting benefits equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine
  • It takes 13 muscles to smile, 47 muscles to frown
  • People smile only 35% as much as they think they do

Come on people… lighten up!!!

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”

Woody Allen

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Judy W Bell

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