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More on Goal Achievement- See and Feel It

Three Important Steps

As we looked at in a previous blog– setting your goals by first determining your values—and writing them down are important first steps in goal-setting and achievement.  Here are three more important steps to achieving your goals.

Three oft’ overlooked steps to goal achievement:

1.     Make sure the goal is YOURS! Not your mother’s goal or your spouse’s goal.
If it’s not your goal you may be hard-pressed to achieve it.

2.     Visualize yourself achieving the goal. See yourself in that new job.
See your new body without the extra 30 pounds you’ve been carrying around.
See your new home.  See your newly organized closets and garage.
See a happier and healthier “you”.

3.     Feel it! Step into what it will feel like when you are working at the new company.
Feel the health!   Feel the healthy relationships!
Breathe in the new success!

To achieve your dreams and live the life you truly want requires vision, goal setting, and discipline.  Make 2011 your year for success habits!

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Judy W Bell

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