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More Insight on Employee Engagement (or not)

Yesterday we looked at Sam Parker’s terms for two categories of disengaged workers:

1.     D- Grunts:  disgruntled people

2.     Gomos:  people who go through the motions

I enjoyed the wisdom in his characterizations and hope you did too!

Today, let’s look at some additional characterizations from Mr. Parker:

  • Smover: Smile and move!

o   Rock the world.  Be a smover.  It’s all about attitude and leading by example.

  • 212ers: Aware and Responsible!

The Extra Degree…

o   At 211 degrees, water is hot.

o   At 212 degrees, it boils.

o   One degree more equals Exponential Results!!

  • Smovish Principle:

o   The ability to bounce back, or resilience

Hats off to Sam Parker and his creative, delightful, and instructional way of looking at employee engagement (or not!)

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Judy W Bell

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