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Money versus Prosperity

Today I received an email asking me a simple question.  The email came from one of the generic search engines from only who knows where.  But it was such a profound question.   The simple question was, “What if you could not be given any more friends, love, money, etc. until you appreciate what you already have?”

Wow!   Pretty loaded question!   But it is a good exercise in gratitude and in realizing what is often surrounding us and what we take for granted.  Most often we think money will buy us happiness.  So we spend a great part of our lives chasing money.  Money is important, please understand that! But let’s look at what money will and will not buy:

  • Money will buy you a bed – but not sleep.
  • Money will buy you food – but not an appetite.
  • Money will buy you medicine  – but not health.
  • Money will buy you a house  – but not a home.
  • Money will buy you luxuries – but not happiness.
  • Money will buy you an image – but not character.
  • Money will buy you “things” – but not gratitude.

Again, money and financial success are great things to have.  But true joy comes from enjoying the by-product of your work and the end product of your money.

Think about the benefits of rest, relaxation, and sleep.  If your ethics and morals are out of balance and this enables you to buy the most luxurious bed imaginable, but sleep eludes you…. how does this balance out?   It doesn’t.

A better focus is prosperity versus money.  Prosperity includes rest, health, happiness, friends, character and so on.  And, yes.  It can also include money.

Just for today, think about the question, “What if you could not be given any more friends, love, money, etc until you appreciate what you already have?” If the question and the exercise shed some light on what is really important to you, then ask yourself this question on a regular basis.  My guess is that we can all improve the quality of our lives with this one simple question.

Just try it!

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Judy W Bell

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