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Management versus Leadership – Part Two

Do you want things done right?   Or do you want to do the right things?     The difference in these two approaches is often the difference between a manager and a leader.

A manager is often concerned with the work habits/work choices/work strategy of her subordinates and company.  For example:

  • Who arrives on time
  • Who abuses sick time
  • Have the ledgers been balanced
  • Are the month end reports ready
  • Which job recruiter will we use
  • Do we revise the vacation policy
  • How can we track transactions more effectively

A leader is often concerned with the relationships of the company within the community, global network, and inside the ranks as well as creativity, new ventures, and improved ROI.  For example:

  • Why do we need so many brick & mortar locations
  • Why don’t we look at flex time and working from home
  • What are our immerging markets
  • Where are our immerging markets
  • Let’s gather some new investors
  • Define our A players and develop a plan to retain and reward them
  • Let’s look at our customer retention rates
  • Let’s develop a scorecard

The job of manager and the job of leader are both important roles.  Managers are generally paid to get things done, i.e. task focused.    A leader is usually charismatic by nature and has a people focus versus a task focus.  Knowing the difference between the two is a Success Habit.

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Judy W Bell

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