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Low Trust Organizations Look Like… WHAT???

What does the culture of low trust organizations look and feel like? What are the behaviors of the employees and management in a low trust organization?

Low Trust Organizational Behaviors

  • Productivity is low
  • Creativity is low
  • Turnover is high
  • Teamwork is non-existent
  • Communication is absent or poor
  • Truth is withheld
  • Information is hoarded
  • Mistakes are swept under the rug
  • Problems are swept under the rug
  • Blame game is rampant
  • Gossip is the normal conversational tone
  • Excuses are offered rather than solutions
  • Energy level is low
  • Customer turnover is high

How do we turn these low trust behaviors around?

  1. A commitment must be made from the very top!
  2. Trust must be included in the mission statement.
  3. Communication is key! Open- Honest-Regular
  4. Training and educational materials should include trust factors.
  5. Accountability must be in place.
  6. Collaboration must be present.
  7. Celebrate!
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Judy W Bell

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