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Locus of Control

What is the meaning of “locus of control”?   The concept was developed in 1954 by Julian Rotter and has since become an important element in studies of the human personality.  The term “locus” is derived from the Latin word meaning “place” or “location”.

The simple definition refers to the extent to which individuals believe they can control the events and circumstances that affect them.  Locus of Control is further broken down by internal locus of control and by external locus of control.

People with an internal locus of control are more likely to believe they have control over their circumstances and that their efforts will be not only successful, but rewarding as well.  This control they believe to have over their lives allows them to typically assume responsibility for situations and take appropriate actions.

People with an external locus of control are more likely to believe that the events and circumstances of their lives are determined by “others”, as in people, fate, or some higher power.

Later this week we will look at leadership qualities surrounding Locus of Control.

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Judy W Bell

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