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Locus of Control in Leadership

Most successful leaders are reported to have a high internal locus of control.  People with an internal locus of control take responsibility for their lives and how the world works.  Since their belief system values attempts to take control of things that can be managed by them, a great deal of success typically follows.

Two distinct personality characteristics associated with internal focus are high achievement motivation and low outer-directedness.  Many times internal focus traits come from familial origins.  Success habits that can be instilled and reinforced in early years and beyond are:

  • Emphasis on education and learning
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Self-discipline
  • Integrity

InnerActive Consulting Group teaches the philosophies, principles, and skills associated with a high internal locus of control.  Call us to discuss Executive Coaching or The Phoenix Seminar for The Psychology of Achievement.  901-757-4434.

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Judy W Bell

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