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Let your Values Speak FOR Something…

It is more Emotionally Intelligent (and Healthy)

We all have things about which we feel very strongly.  It may be our political affiliation, our religious beliefs (or not), or the state of the economy.  Having passionate beliefs and feelings are normal and healthy behavior.  However, expressing them in a loud or disrespectful manner is neither healthy nor emotionally intelligent.

It becomes an unhealthy pattern for us is when we concentrate on what we don’t value instead of what we do value.  Just this small switch in perspective can make a huge change in our daily lives.  When we focus on what we “don’t like”, our energy is simply not being used wisely.
Think about the “war on drugs”.  Our nation has been at odds with this for many generations now and the “war” is still raging, having had little or no positive impact.  Instead, we might switch our thinking to “A Nation of Healthy Habits”.

There are really no right or wrong ideas, but our “positioning” can be wrong.  Being against anything spends negative energy.  Just stand up and say what you DO value.  Instead of being AGAINST CORRUPTION, stand FOR Integrity.   Instead of being against poverty, be for resourcefulness.  An added bonus…people will be less likely to walk away when they see you coming!

It’s OK to stand up for what you believe.  In fact we should all stand up for what we value and believe.  It is important to remember that we will have a more positive impact if we stand out for what we do believe and value by our deeds and actions than by making noise about what we don’t like.   Make a difference by walking the talk.  Stand FOR something!   Let your ideas and your emotions shine through intelligently!

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Judy W Bell

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