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Know How to Fuel Your Success Habits

We have looked at Success Habits from several angles in recent posts.  One way to ensure that your Success Habits work for you is to build good personal care for yourself in the process.  Just as your automobile does not work efficiently if you don’t take the time and energy for proper care, your Success Habits cannot work for you unless you are properly “fueled”.

7 Ways to Fuel Your Success Habits:

1.     Make sure you are getting the proper amount of sleep, rest, and relaxation for YOU.

2.     Build play into your life; i.e. hobbies, recreation, vacations.

3.     Ensure you have a balanced diet and properly scheduled meal times.

4.     Have supportive people in your life.

5.     Move your body!  Exercise.

6.     Limit distractions such as phone calls, television, financial overwhelm, overly needy people, etc.

7.     Make sure you live a balanced life; i.e. mental, physical, spiritual, emotional.

Success Habits are easier to maintain when there is a solid foundation upon which to build.

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Judy W Bell

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