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Job Benchmarks: What Information You Can Expect to Learn

Following up on our earlier post about job assessments… the added effectiveness when hiring as well the legal side of validation… we can look even further at job benchmarking.

An effective Job Benchmark will give you:

  1. Key accountabilities of the job
    –  Knowledge required
    –  Personal Skills ranking (from 23)
    –  6 Intrinsic Rewards ranking
    –  8 Behaviors
  2. Complete description of the 37 factors that can be compared to similar positions across other companies and industries
  3. Suggested interview questions  (job related)
  4. Gap reports to substantiate superior performance as well as inferior performance
  5. On-boarding system for new hires
  6. Personalized Development Plan (improves performance and retention)

With this process you can expect:

  • Detailed job description
  • Identification of Key Accountabilities
  • Interview questions to match candidates with Key Success Factors
  • Top performer comparison
  • Ineffective performer comparison
  • Gap between job requirements and talent
  • Ideal candidate identified
  • Complete validation

InnerActive Consulting Group partners with the strongest and most reliable (and validated) international assessment company.  We have years of experience with their assessments as well as the assessment process itself.   We have three certified behavioral analysts on staff.   Let us help you become more effective in your hiring and promotional endeavors. or call 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036

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Judy W Bell

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