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Job Assessments: A Great Hiring Tool When Validated

Job assessments are an important tool in ensuring that you get the right people hired in the right jobs!   We have all seen the disastrous results when a bright and energetic person is hired for the wrong job.   It’s a mis-match that hurts everyone.  We have also likely seen what we “thought” was the right person for the job who simply “interviewed well.”  Their skills, values, and behavior did NOT fit the job.  YIKES!

We have all also seen people—and hopefully have been one ourselves—who have been matched perfectly for the right job in the right company.   Bingo!   This is a match!

Five Guidelines for Effective and Legal Job Assessments:

  1. Benchmark the job, not the person
  2. Make sure you use bona fide job skills and duties in benchmarking the job
  3. Ensure that interview questions are job-related
  4. Ask the same questions of each candidate
  5. Make sure hiring or promotional decisions are based on multiple factors, not just the assessment

InnerActive Consulting Group partners with the strongest and most reliable (and validated) international assessment company.  We have years of experience with their assessments as well as the assessment process itself.   We have three certified behavioral analysts on staff.   Let us help you become more effective in your hiring and promotional endeavors. or call 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.

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Judy W Bell

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