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Is Your Workplace De-Motivating?

Better yet, let’s turn that around.  We have been looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this week.  One way for the CEO or company owner to make certain his or her company receives high marks from the customers is to make certain the company receives high marks from the employees!   Simply stated… your employees will offer the same service and attitude that you mirror to them in their work.

7 ways to set the stage for a high “work motivation” environment:

  1. Set high expectations (not impossible, though)
  2. Address non-performers (this helps A Players stay motivated)
  3. Use positive reinforcement
  4. Base rewards and pay system on job performance
  5. Treat everyone fairly
  6. Assist in helping employees grow and excel
  7. Let them know you care

Leaders need awareness of adequate workplace motivation and its rewards.    Let us help you with your leadership skills.   Please call 901-757-4434 to learn more about leadership training or Executive Coaching.

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Judy W Bell

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