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Is Time Managing You?

Time Management = Time Freedom

Manage your time so that it doesn’t manage you…

Time freedom comes from good time management skills.  And good time management skills come from good planning.  This week we have looked at various issues surrounding time management.   Today we will focus on ways to create some control of your precious time.

Here are nine way to control Your Time…

1.  Set goals for your work tasks as well as for your time.  Then stick to it!

2.  Use a planner.  Experiment with a few types of planners until you find one that is set up to suit your personal style.  Advice:  Use colored pens or pencils to denote certain projects, etc.  Make use of colored file folders, as well. This is what the experts advise for children and adults who suffer from lack of focus.

3.  Make lists.  Check things off as they are accomplished.  It is human nature to feel good about accomplished tasks, goals, and wins!

4.  Write things down.  Do not try to rely on memory.  The dullest pencil is better than the sharpest mind.

5.  Avoid the “busy-ness trap”.   Work smart and not hard.

6.  Build good time management habits.  Once you determine the activities and tricks that work for you, be sure they become habits.  Time management or lack of time management is a habit, good or bad.

7.  Make sure you have balance.  Covey suggests there are four dimensions of human nature:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social/Emotional
  • Spiritual

8.  Use time blocks.   Know your natural biorhythm.  There are times of the day when you are more creative, productive, etc.   Know your rhythms and use this to your advantage.  If you hit afternoon slumps, use this time for mundane tasks.  Don’t try to use this time to write or be creative.

9.  Reminder from earlier this week:  Identify your time wasters and resolve to eliminate them.

“The bad news is … time flies.  The good news is … you are the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler

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Judy W Bell

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