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Implementing Effective Performance Management

If performance management sounds complicated, you’re right. It is complicated because it plays a big part in the success of an organization, and anything with a high value isn’t easy. It requires focus and commitment, and it isn’t the same for every employee. So what is the good news? Take a look at the things you can do to make the role of performance management more effective and less complicated:

  • Work closely with the company’s executive or management team to create a clear picture of what your employee’s job is responsible for and how it fits with the company’s overall strategy. Document the results and refer to the job’s key accountabilities often.
  • If possible, conduct a job benchmark to get a true, unbiased representation of the job’s requirements for success so you can coach the employee in a way that matches these job requirements.
  • Share and discuss this information with the employee to be sure you both understand the job in the same way.
  • Use a personal assessment to uncover the employee’s behaviors, or how they communicate and go about the work, as well as what motivates them to take action. Understanding this from the beginning, rather than waiting for time to tell, will make performance management more effective and enjoyable right from the start.
  • Implement 360 degree assessments that utilize questions based on the same areas measured in the personal assessments. This feedback will allow you to consider others’ perceptions and how they compare to the employee’s self-perception.
  • Rather than a project management tool that tracks assignments you have given your employee, try a system that puts them in the driver’s seat. As the employee submits their own game plan for approval, they are learning how to prioritize their responsibilities in a way that fits the company’s overall strategy.

Once you have identified the right role of performance management in your company and have found ways to integrate each area of management into one, complete process, positive results will be seen at every level in the company.

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