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How to Use the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

My first introduction to The Law of Attraction was in 1992 when I attended The Phoenix Seminar (on the Psychology of Achievement) by Brian Tracy.  Since that time, I have heard many speakers and read many articles about this important law; however, my most heartfelt gratitude will always be first and foremost to Brian.

Brian Tracy teaches, “You will always attract, positive or negative, people and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”  Simply put, this means that people, circumstances, and events manifest in our physical world from the main themes we mull around in our brains.  Ouch!   For many of us, this could be scary!

Do we really create our own reality?   Most philosophers, religious doctrines, scientists, motivational speakers and successful people believe we do.  Think back to when you were raising small children who ran at a clip everywhere they went.  The cautious mother or father yells out “Be careful, don’t FALL!”   And lo and behold the child falls.  That is because the child’s subconscious heard “fall”!  It would be far wiser (and kinder!) for a parent to say, “Be careful, I love you!”

Think about times in your own life when you were tied in knots with worry and anxious thoughts.   Looking back, it seems as if you probably called those catastrophes into “being” by focusing so much on them.   Using the Law of Attraction, you can change those anxious thoughts about what you do NOT want to occur to positive thoughts about the things, people, and circumstances that you DO want to materialize into your life.

Some important steps to take to change your internal dialog to increase positive manifestations in your life:

•    Define what it is you really want
•    Define even further the “why” of your desire
•    Write the “what” and the “why” down clearly
•    Envision what it will “feel” like when you accomplish this
•    Determine the appropriate steps to make your desire become reality
•    Begin the journey by taking those steps

Remember, the Law of Attraction is at work whether we believe in it or even agree with it.  Give it a shot by keeping your thoughts focused on the people, feelings, emotions, situations, and events that you do want to enjoy!   Happy Attracting!

If you want to learn more about the Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement go to our Phoenix Seminar website. We have an open session coming on April 13-15 and would enjoy having you start your how to succeed journey with us.

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Judy W Bell

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