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How To Rate Yourself as a Leader

8 Key questions Quick!  Get a pencil and rate yourself on these qualities: a.  On a scale of 1- 10:   One being the lowest and 10 being the highest b.  Be honest! 1.  I truly value people and I model this daily.                               _____ 2.  I share my vision with others and ask for input.                     _____ 3.  I provide timely and meaningful feedback.                              _____ 4.  I trust my staff, peers, and clients.                                             _____ 5.  I provide the necessary tools and information they need.     _____ 6.  I listen and ask questions.  And I listen some more.              _____ 7.  I help develop people.                                                                   _____ 8.  I provide encouragement and engagement.                            _____ Total your score                                                                                  _____ psssssttttt………Would you want anyone to see your score? Hopefully your score is above 56.   If not, call us for leadership training. InnerActive Consulting Group: 1-800-452-4036
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Judy W Bell

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