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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence – Your EQ

Emotional Intelligence, sometimes called EI or EQ, is a strong indicator of the level of success one can attain in life, both in the personal and business realms.  Experts say that a heightened EQ increases happiness because it allows you to focus on feelings as well as facts.

IQ focuses on logic.  Strong emotional intelligence allows you to capitalize on your IQ because studies show that it takes both a strong IQ as well as EQ to build and maintain a successful career, strong and healthy relationships, and an overall fulfilling life.

So, can Emotional Intelligence be improved? Yes… by as much as 40%!  The development of EQ is not fixed at birth. Studies do show, however, that childhood is a critical time for the development of EQ.  During childhood is when we learn much about relating to the world.  Living within our family unit is our first venture into relationships, friendships, and teams.

Both nature and nurture do come into play with Emotional Intelligence.  But remember…  EQ can be improved by as much as 40%. This is an important fact worth repeating. A strong Emotional Intelligence brings immediate benefits to our health, our relationships, our work and the quality of our lives.

Steps for Improving your EQ:

  • Recognize your emotions
  • Understand the causes of your feelings
  • Recognize the difference between having a feeling and acting on that feeling
  • Monitor your actions!
  • Know your frustration tolerance
  • Express anger appropriately
  • Eliminate self-destructive behavior
  • Nurture positive feelings about yourself.  Work with your strengths.
  • Put your focus and attention on improving your EQ
  • Remember, what gets measured gets improved

Next week we will look at what Emotional Intelligence is not.

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Judy W Bell

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