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How to Avoid the Kiss of Death

by using the The Art of Conversation

This week we have looked at the art of conversation, why it is important, and how to master the art.  This post looks at things to avoid.   Don’t let a bad mood or a wrong turn become the “kiss of death” in your social and family circles.  Once you become labeled as a “chatter box”, “hot head”, or a “know-it-all”, these labels are hard to remove.

“She has lost the art of conversation, but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.”
–  George Bernard Shaw

Here are 8 Ways to Avoid a Wrong Turn in Conversation…

  1. Don’t “talk at” people. A conversation is two-way.
  2. Do not monopolize the conversation. A conversation is interactive.
  3. Be respectful of someone’s private space. Attempt to remain at least one 1-2 feet in distance if you are friends; 4-7 feet in distance in social or business settings.
  4. Be wary of discussions around politics or religion.
  5. Do not interrupt when a person is speaking.
  6. Do not state your opinion as the only correct opinion. There is really no such thing.
  7. Do not monopolize a person’s time. Holding someone’s interest more than 10 minutes at a social or business function can be considered aggressive behavior.
  8. Don’t be a sourpuss. If you can’t think of something nice to say, just hold your tongue.  You’ll be glad you did tomorrow!

The Art of Conversation is a success skill that will allow you to reap big rewards in your personal and professional relationships.

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Judy W Bell

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