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How Strong Are Your Roots?

Have you ever taken notice of fallen trees in the woods? There will be a lone tree across the path where others stand strong and tall. What happened to the lone tree, we wonder?

The lone tree was likely stricken by one of two things.

  1. The roots were not strong
  2. The tree was dis-eased

The same principles can also be applied in our lives. How strong are our roots? Do we have roots strong enough to sustain us in difficult times? Are we incorporating in our lives the people, thoughts, actions, and values that support our own roots?

If a lone tree is dis-eased, how did the others withstand the same malady? Could it be that the dis-ease pointed back to the root structure?

Think about the tall Evergreens we see along the coast. They stand tall and proud. Most have leaves and greenery only on one side. They stand tall and proud against the sea winds. The greenery on one side is completely non- existent, but the roots are strong and the tree stands proudly.

How strong are your roots?

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Judy W Bell

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