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How Are Your Listening Skills?

National Business Etiquette Week

Good listening skills are a very important social and professional skill.  As we discussed earlier, career success many times hinges on professional etiquette and poise.  One skill that can NEVER be over-rated is the art of listening.

Listening is truly an art.  And a “science”.  And just good plain business-sense!

Some tips for better and more effective listening skills…

Tips for Effective Listening:

  • Maintain eye contact with the person talking
  • Give them your undivided attention.  Do not multi-task.
  • Focus on content, not delivery
  • Learn to tune out distractions
  • You must care or value what the person is saying.  Note: You don’t have to agree.
  • Value the opinion of others
  • Suspend judgment
  • Suspend the need to “know it all”
  • Seek first to understand
  • Let the speaker finish before you talk.  Do not continuously interrupt.
  • Ask questions if you need clarification
  • Repeat ideas that you “heard” back to the speaker
  • Listen with your whole face and body, not just your ears.  Let them know you are listening.

Good listening skills makes good business sense!

“To listen well is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation.”

Chinese Proverb

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Judy W Bell

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