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High Value Activities…The Success Habits of Champions

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of our success comes from 20% of our activities.  Do you know which activities count toward success in your job?  If not, it is time to purchase or design a system to start tracking where you spend your valuable time.

In business… some High Value Activities Habits might include:

  • Knowing your most difficult task and when to handle it
  • Setting 3 times a day to check email.  Stick to it!
  • Writing multiple reports, summaries, blogs when you are on a creative streak
  • Train family and friends to respect your office time
  • Hire efficiently trained staff to whom you can delegate lower level responsibilities.  Then do it!
  • Know who you can call (the first call) for trouble-shooting
  • Know the A Players in the company and community to call for assistance
  • Set a timer if you are researching on the Internet (don’t get lost!!)
  • Know who your best customers are
  • Treat everyone as your best customer

Of course the list varies depending on the type of job you’re in.  Each of us has our own High Value Activities as well as Low Value Activities.

Make certain your work habits support the activities that give you the most return on investment.

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Judy W Bell

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