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High Trust Organizations… What will you see?

We have looked at low trust organizational characteristics and what these look like. But what does high trust look like?

High Trust Organizational Behaviors…

  • Productivity is high
  • Information is shared openly
  • Turnover is low
  • Teamwork rules the day
  • Communication is OPEN
  • Collaboration is HIGH
  • Transparency is expected
  • Energy level is high
  • Everyone talks honestly and openly confronts problems
  • Credit is shared
  • Success is celebrated
  • Accountability is high
  • Employees are engaged
  • Creativity is high
  • “Brand” is positive and widely known
  • Customers are happy and in “awe”

Reminder… once trust is lost it is very difficult to re-establish. An important job of a leader is to inspire trust and to extend trust to others. Trust is a relationship. And a very important relationship!

What are you doing to instill trust? Do you actions mirror your words?

“Trust is the currency of the new global economy.”
Stephen Covey

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Judy W Bell

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