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Has Trust Been Lost in Your Working Relationships?

Why it is Important to Build and Rebuild Trust

As noted in earlier blogs, trust is paramount to healthy working relationships, effective communication, increased productivity, and YES… a healthy bottom-line!

Conflict is a natural part of our human existence.  Differing opinions, values, and habits make conflict inevitable.   The importance of resolving conflict while maintaining trust cannot be overstated.  Eight ways to minimize the conflict that destroys trust or to rebuild trust once it has been damaged are shown below:

Eight Ways to Maintain or Rebuild Trust

  1. Honesty is the only policy
  2. Practice respectfulness
  3. Listen with your ears and your mind wide open
  4. Respect differing opinions
  5. Ask questions for your own clarification
  6. Honor and keep your commitments
  7. Offer apologies quickly and sincerely if you are wrong
  8. Remain committed to trust in your relationships

For effective trust and team-building classes, call us to learn more about The Phoenix… The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy.  901-757-4434

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Judy W Bell

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