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Good Communication is an InnerActive Relationship

At InnerActive Consulting Group our motto is

“Getting You To The Next Level”.

One way to accomplish good communication skills is to hone active listening skills. Developing effective and active listening skills is just as important as developing your speaking skills.

Good communication requires a partnership.  Not only is someone speaking, but also at least one other person must listen.  Really listen!

Tips for Active Listening

  • Eliminate outer distractions (as well as inner distractions)
  • Suspend judgment
  • Pay attention to the speaker’s body language
  • Manage your own body language in preparation to receive message
    • Make comfortable eye contact
    • Open your posture
    • Relax and lean toward or into the person speaking
  • Listen attentively to speaker’s tone and inflection
  • Clarify– repeat back in your words what you heard (or thought you heard)

Remember… good communication is an InnerActive partnership. Call us today about our Effective Communication for Results process. Our phone number is 901-757-4434.

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Judy W Bell

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