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Four Warning Signs of Unethical Behavior

The Warning Signs for Unethical Behavior come in many flavors. Be on the watch out for any of these four signs of unethical behavior, before one can take down your organization.

Here are the Four Warning Signs of Unethical Behavior

  1. Greed –   The drive to acquire or possess more and more and more.  Does this bring to mind Bernie Madoff?
  2. Speed –   The drive to cut corners. What if it is within the auto industry and it’s YOUR car?
  3. Laziness –  To take the path of least resistance.   What if it is in your doctor’s office or banker’s office and it’s YOUR Social Security number or medical records that become a privacy breach?
  4. Haziness –  Acting and reacting without thinking.  What if it’s the pharmacist filling YOUR elderly mother’s prescription?  Or filling YOUR baby’s prescription?

Here is a Reminder of the impact Ethics has upon your organization…

Ethics: “Out of sight, out of mind.  Out of mind, out of importance.  Out of importance, out of practice.  Out of practice…OUT OF BUSINESS!

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Judy W Bell

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