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Find Yourself a Happiness Mentor

Everyone needs a person or two in their life who can help pick them up when circumstances seem to be down.   Enter the Happiness Mentor!   This is the person you email or phone when you need a pick-me-up.  You may not call your friend the Happiness Mentor, but that is the role they play.

The job of a Happiness Mentor:

  • Make sure you only wallow in your misery for a moment
  • Make sure you stay on track with healthy diet, adequate sleep, sufficient exercise and proper life balance
  • Make you laugh
  • Make you think about your blessings
  • Make you count your blessings if necessary
  • Hold you accountable for staying on track with goals and desires
  • Make you laugh some more
  • Make sure you don’t take yourself too seriously

Everyone does need a Happiness Mentor.  Make sure you offer your “happiness” services to someone too!

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Judy W Bell

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