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EQ – Emotional Intelligence – What it is NOT

Emotional Intelligence  (EQ) has been identified as a strong indicator of the level of success a person can obtain in life.  In previous posts we have defined EQ and also outlined how to increase one’s level of EQ.

This post will talk about what Emotional Intelligence is NOT.

These are the skills and competencies that are NOT part of EQ:

  • Is Not getting in touch with your feelings or “letting it all hang out”
  • Is Not touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking
  • Is Not Simply being nice (sometimes being emotionally intelligent means being able to confront someone with an uncomfortable truth by:
    – Setting boundaries
    – Setting limits
    – Establishing guidelines
  • Is Not suppressing or controlling your emotions
    (it does mean utilizing the appropriate emotion at the appropriate time to the appropriate degree)
  • Is Not just about personal self-improvement
    – EQ is more business-minded
  • Is Not a quick-fix program
    – EQ does evolve over time and does not noticeably improve overnight

Remember… a fact worth repeating about Emotional Intelligence.  It can be nurtured and strengthened over time and can be improved by as much as 40%.  And a strong Emotional Intelligence brings immediate benefits to our health, our relationships, and the quality of our lives.

If you want to know your level of emotional intelligence, contact us today about our Emotional Intelligence Assessment. It will tell you exactly where you are regarding your personal EQ. Call us today at 901-757-4434.

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Judy W Bell

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