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EQ – Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Recent research from the University of Haifa reported that employees who have high levels of emotional intelligence are not only more dedicated at work, but also have a higher satisfaction level. The study also proved what business owners and Human Resource managers have always known… employees with higher levels of emotional intelligence are assets to the organization.

“I believe it will not be long before emotional intelligence is incorporated in employee screening and training processes and in employee assessment and promotion decisions.” – Dr. Galit Meisler

Employees with higher EQ are shown to have lower levels of job burnout, better response to stress, better coping skills, ability to more easily influence management and employees in a positive manner as well as a higher commitment level to their organizations.

At InnerActive Consulting Group we have an assessment that can help measure the level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for you and your employees. Call us today to discuss ways in which we can help you make the most of your talent. Let us help get you to the next level! We can be reached at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.

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