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Enhance Your EQ and See Your Productivity Skyrocket

This week we have looked at the many benefits of higher Emotional Intelligence as well as compelling reasons to work on increasing our EQ as well as the EQ of the collective team.

Another very important benefit of an increased EQ is higher productivity, both of individuals and the team.

Here are 5 important productivity by-products of Higher EQ:

1.     Drama is reduced.  And drama is time-consuming and counter-productive.

2.     Communication is enhanced.  And communication is key to success, especially involving a group of people.

3.     Solutions come more easily.  Getting quiet allows the brain to come up with solutions that cannot be heard or realized in frenzied moments.

4.     The IMPORTANT comes to the forefront.  Work on what is truly important.

5.     Productivity goes up with you take time to think and reflect.

There is actually a 6th benefit of Enhanced EQ.  You don’t spend precious time apologizing for bad behavior and heated conversations.

Higher EQ is a Success Habit!

Think about it…

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Judy W Bell

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