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Engaging Your High-Potential Employees

… 6 Ways to Attract and Retain

The Corporate Executive Board, a leading research company, reports that high-potential employees (A Players) are becoming increasingly dis-engaged and are readying themselves to seek new job opportunities.

I saw this play out just this week.  My daughter is a CPA in New York and a young career professional.   An executive recruiter called her “out of the blue” and within a week, she had a better job with an approximate 40% increase in salary.  And… better benefits.  And… she was not even actively looking for a new job!   Had she been completely engaged, she would not have bothered with the interview.   Perhaps she would not have returned the recruiter’s call.
The report by the Corporate Executive Board cites six examples of ways employers can engage their high-potential employees:

  1. Stimulate- Offer meaningful and challenging work as well as career path.
  2. Assess- Look for assessments that gauge candidates for talent, engagement, and passion for work.
  3. Manage from the very Top- Make sure high-potential employees are led from the top of the organizations.  Mid-level managers probably do not have the leadership skills to both lead and retain them.
  4. Challenge- See number 1 above!
  5. Recognize- Pay for performance and talent.  Reward and recognize accordingly.
  6. Engage- Make sure you engage high-potential employees in your strategic planning and offer them a part in the process.

InnerActive Consulting Group offers a variety of assessments.  We would love to assist you in your hiring process by helping you determine the skills you actually need for the job a well as administering assessments for your candidates to look for “engagement”.    We also have an EQ assessment that will measure the Emotional Intelligence of your current staff or recruits.   Please call us today at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.   Let us help get you to the next level!

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Judy W Bell

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