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Engagement Means Working “In the Flow”

We all know that when we are “in the flow” we experience increased performance.  This is as true in business as it is true in sports.  Our creativity, problem solving, task management, and learning are enhanced.

Flow does not mean doing the same thing every day very well.  Although much of life as well as our work does require a bit of routine and sameness, a good by-product of being an engaged employee is the ability to step outside of the comfort zone and into greater creativity. 

What does flow look and feel like?

  1. A sense of belonging
  2. Timelessness
  3. Complete focus on task or project
  4. Feeling of “do-ability”
  5. Feelings of accomplishment
  6. Increased energy and enthusiasm
  7. A great sense of reward (emotional not financial)
  8. Stretch goals

Make this commitment to yourself.  Be loyal to and engaged with your life.  This is a success habit!

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Judy W Bell

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