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Employee Engagement: Relationship Between Employee and Job

In our last post we looked at what “A Great Place to Work” calls the essential ingredient to workplace relationships between employee and employer… TRUST.

According to their model, trust is composed of three dimensions:  Credibility, Respect, and Fairness. Our last post delved into the components of these ingredients.

“A Great Place to Work” further states that there are an additional two dimensions relative to the relationships between employee and job.  Think about that… between the employee (animate) and the job (inanimate??)   Pretty profound!

The final two dimensions are Pride and Camaraderie.  The company defines Pride as the relationship between employee and their job and they define Camaraderie as the relationship between the employee and other employees.   Good distinction!

It can be expanded further as…


  • Personal Job:  in personal job, individual contributions
  • Team:  in work produced by one’s team or work group
  • Company:  in the organization’s products and standing in the community


  • Intimacy:  Ability to be oneself (even more profound!)
  • Hospitality:  Socially friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Community:  Sense of “family” or “team”

What a great job they have done in building their trust model.   They built their model on responses as well as input from thousands of survey participants.  Great work!

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Judy W Bell

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