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Employee Engagement: Looking at the 3 Dimensions of Trust

I found the best information today from “A Great Place to Work.”      The company states that “trust” is the essential ingredient for workplace relationships between employee and employer.   Makes sense!   According to their model, trust is composed of three dimensions:  Credibility, Respect, and Fairness.

Credibility + Respect + Fairness = Trust

  1. Credibility: managers regularly communicate with employees about the company’s direction and plans – and solicit their ideas. It involves coordinating people and resources efficiently and effectively, so that employees know how their work relates to the company’s goals.  It’s the integrity management brings to the business. To be credible, words must be followed by action.
  2. Respect: involves providing employees with the equipment, resources, and training they need to do their job.  It means appreciating good work and extra effort.  It means reaching out to employees and making them partners in the company’s activities, fostering a spirit of collaboration across departments and creating a work environment that’s safe and healthy. Respect means that work/life balance is a practice, not a slogan.
  3. Fairness: At an organization that’s fair, economic success is shared equitably through compensation and benefit programs.  Everybody receives equitable opportunity of recognition.  Decisions on hiring and promotions are made impartially, and the workplace seeks to free itself of discrimination, with clear processes for appealing and adjudicating disputes.  To be fair, you must be just.

“A Great Place to Work” further states that there are an additional two dimensions relative to the relationships between employee and job.  Think about that… between the employee (animate) and the job (inanimate??)   Pretty profound!

We will look at that relationship in the next blog.

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Judy W Bell

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