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Employee Engagement and the Bottom Line

According to Willis America, there is a distinct bottom-line difference between high- performing employees and low-performing employees.  Let’s cut straight to the numbers:

High Performers Low Performers

Medical Costs $7138/employee                       $8167/employee

Turnover 4%                                              11%

Cost of Turnover $500/employee                        $1375/employee

Absenteeism $1430                                          $2861

Income Growth 14%                                                 4%

Earnings 28%                                               11%

Margin 2.1%                                              1.4%

Can you afford to have a disengaged workforce?   Let us show you how to hire and retain high performers.   Engagement makes the difference!   Call us at 901-7574434 or 1-800-452-4036 to find out more on our Success Habits training.

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Judy W Bell

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