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Employee Engagement… By the Numbers

According to Willis North America, employee disengagement costs U.S. employers $350 Billion per year in lost productivity.  Research Works estimates the following index:

  • Highly engaged employees:           20%
  • Engaged employees:                                 15%
  • Disengaged employees:                           40%
  • Actively disengaged employees:   25%

By the numbers, fully 65% of employees fall into the disengagement categories; leaving only 35% employees at some level of engagement.   This almost works out to the Pareto Principle  (80/20 Rule).  In fact, the Pareto Principle does apply if you count only the 20% of employees in the “highly engaged” category.

If a company does not address the disengaged workers, this leaves little to expect other than the highly engaged employees will voluntarily leave their employer at some point in the near future.   A-Players desire being around other A-Players.

What is your company doing to make sure employee engagement is high?   Let us help you look at performance systems, recognition systems, and executive coaching plans that can capitalize success habits for your team.   Please call 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036 and allow us to help you find success.

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Judy W Bell

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