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Emotional Intelligence Importance to Teams

We have looked at EQ a number of times in our posts.  This post looks at the importance Emotional Intelligence plays in the development of successful teams.  Yes… teams have a collective emotional quotient!  And developing High Team EQ is a Success Habit!

For a team to be truly successful, individual team members must be committed to the greater good of the team.  Collaboration replaces competitiveness. After all, if you are on the same team, why would you want to operate against each other.

A team that has high EQ acknowledges the importance of individual and collective moods, emotions, and relationships.  A good team leader is important, but it is critical that all team members recognize the wisdom of collaboration.  There is not room for “lone wolves” or “divas” on an emotionally intelligent team, according to Thomas A. Haizlip

Emotions are contagious– both positive ones and negative ones.  A team with strong EQ realizes this and works immediately to stop negative behaviors as well as the chronic expression of negation emotions.  Allowed to fester without accountability, the entire team begins to suffer.

In our next post we will explore what Low Team EQ and High Team EQ looks like.

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Judy W Bell

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