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Embracing Change: Positive Persuasion is Better than Force

Persuasion is an important skill to be learned and utilized in relationships of all kinds.  When persuasion is used it should always be of a positive nature and not in the form of human trickery.  Negative persuasion (trickery) might look like a “win” in the short run but will almost always backfire on the user, most likely due to the Law of Karma or the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Persuasion can be used in a positive manner to bring about positive change.

The steps for persuasion are:

  • Identify the new need or the necessary change
  • Know the style of the person/people you with whom you are communicating
  • If possible, identify their value systems
  • Approach them in a communication style that fits their intrinsic system
  • Use motivating words
  • Set specific and reasonable time frames for changes to occur
  • If possible, build in a reward system
  • Always use positive encouragement

Enjoy the Fable below!

“North Wind and The Sun”
A Fable

“The North Wind and the Sun disputed which was the more powerful, and agreed that he should be declared the victor who could first strip a wayfaring man of his clothes.  The North Wind first tried his power, and blew with all his might; but the keener became his blasts, the closer the Traveler wrapped his cloak around him, till at last, resigning all hope of victory, he called upon the Sun to see what he could do.  The Sun suddenly shone out with all his warmth.  The Traveler no sooner felt his genial rays than he took off one garment after another, and at last, fairly overcome with heat, undressed, and bathed in a stream that lay in his path.
Persuasion is better than Force.

The End”

Aesop’s Fable

Yes, positive persuasion is better than force.

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Judy W Bell

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