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Eight Steps to Making Ethics Work

1.    Talk about ethics and ethical behavior and keep it alive.
Regularly communicate and discuss your organization’s shared values, principles, and standards.  Make sure everyone buys in and supports ethical behavior.

2.    Hold people accountable!
Zero tolerance
3.    Lead by example.
You “earn” the right to expect others to perform with integrity.  Walk the Talk.  We live in a glass house!

4.    Everything counts!
Use your organization’s values and policies to make decisions, whether large strategic decisions or small decisions.  Be consistent with values.

5.    Training, Training, Training
Never stop training or talking about it.

6.    Perceptions Count!
Perceptions are reality in most things.  Especially with ethics, it’s that glass house again.

7.    Ethical employees
Hire and promote ethical people.  Have your employment
practices in place.

8.    Reporting and Protection
•    Confidential hotlines
•    Whistleblower policies

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Judy W Bell

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