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Does the Law of Belief Impact You?

The Law of Belief is a sister law to the Law of Attraction, discussed in last week’s blog.  Things, people, and circumstances are attracted into our lives, either consciously or unconsciously, through the belief systems we have.

Many times our belief systems are old and outdated and no longer serve us.  Often, these beliefs never did work to our higher good.  For a good source on the impact of belief upon you mindset – go to this blog site.

Many beliefs come from our families and are often handed down generation to generation.  Beliefs can center around health and wellness, financial success, indebtedness, life expectancy, career choices, religious doctrines, marital success, etc. 

I have known people who actually believed they would succumb to some dreaded disease because a grandparent or parent had this disease.  Unfortunately, sometimes the belief system calls in the troops to make sure that “you” are right!

It is more than possible, actually simple (but not easy) to set counter-intentions to eliminate these old programs.  The starting point is to examine what your current belief system involves.  Is it outdated?   Has it been “handed down” in the family?  Does it still serve you?   Are you beliefs holding you back?

Once you are ready to create a new and more positive reality, it’s time to hit the books, get with a good friend, or sign up with a life coach or career coach.   The first and most important step to any significant change is a desire for change.  But until you look at what belief systems may be holding you back, the desire is likely to remain a wish.  Real change comes from a switch in your internal thinking.

Another process for you to take back control of your thoughts and life, is to find a comprehensive personal development process. While there are several possibilities, I recommend the Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement. It explains how many of our beliefs are formed and how they impact our life performance today – if both our personal and professional worlds.

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Judy W Bell

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