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Do you Know Your Spheres of Influence?

What is a Sphere of Influence? According to Wikipedia: “In the field of international relations, a sphere of influence (SOI) is an area or region over which a state or organization has significant cultural, economic, military or political influence.”

In today’s ever-changing business, academic, and social world a Sphere of Influence denotes groups of individuals and companies that hold influence with you, for you, through you, and around you.

These may be people or companies with whom you seek advice and/or who also look to you for guidance.  These spheres have several components that must co-exist:

  • Credibility
  • Confidence
  • Trust

As humans, we all desire to have and to make positive connections.  These connections serve to share information, receive information, as well as act as a conduit for multiple shared connections.  Many of our connections- both to and from- serve as contributions not only within our sphere of influence, but also to the world itself.  Yesterday I read a report about mentoring physicians in countries separated by great oceans that would never have met except through a mentoring program.  When the two physicians conversed by Internet and then by phone, they were able to connect and share intelligence with each other that will have lasting and positive effects on the medical world.

A simple analogy for your own sphere of influence is to envision a ripple in the pond.  Your passion for knowledge and excellence reaches out well past the stone you threw into the pond and touches many others.  And the ripple effects of their lives and actions touch you in ways they will likely ever know.

Make your life’s contributions convincing and positive.  Reach out and nurture existing as well as new relationships, both personal and professional.  Share your knowledge and your influence and your influence and knowledge will expand.

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Judy W Bell

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