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Do You Know Who Your Problem Players Are?

This post is a blog from Leadership Now, Leading Blog. It addresses the age-old problem of how most managers and Human Resource professionals spend 80% of their time with 20% of the employees. The 20% who are problems. The old 80/20 rule. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend more of our time on the high performers/high potentials? It is surely something to think about and set a plan to make it a reality. Are you up to the task?  –  Judy W Bell

“quickpoint: Work With the Willing!”

Unfortunately, in any given office, 20 percent of workers live in a permanent state of resistance. Everyone knows who they are. They walk around looking pained and miserable because their worldview is that the universe is unsafe and that everyone is out to get them.

They bring their poor or ambivalent attitude to every task. They get upset if you ask them to move their desks; they get upset if you change their job descriptions; offer them chocolate ice cream and you can bet they would have preferred vanilla. They’re your toughest cases.

At their worst, they can be bullies. (Is there someone that works under you that you are a little afraid of? Someone you spend a lot of time trying to avoid, or whose name comes up at your dinner table more often than you would like? That’s who I mean.) At best, they’re inaccessible to you: impervious to criticism and encouragement alike, and too complacent to find another job, they present a real leadership challenge.

Your best performers deserve a disproportionate share of your time and attention, so put aside any anxiety you might have over playing favorites in the office. Work with the willing.

(Adapted from: Reality-Based Leadership by Cy Wakemen)

(Also adapted from Leadership Now, Leading Blog)

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Judy W Bell

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