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Do You Have an Achievement Orientation?

Human beings are achievement oriented.  While there must be time for rest and recreation built into our lives, achievement orientation is what has allowed civilizations to thrive and carry on.   In short, achievement and growth are what have sustained the human population over time.

Douglas Mallock said, “Find your joy in something finished and not a thousand things begun.” This insightful statement speaks to the exclusively human need to actually produce results.  Don’t we all feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement when we see a project through to completion?  Once the project is complete, we may rest for a few hours or a few days and then our orientation for achievement begins to generate new ideas.  Thus, creativity and productivity are enhanced for the next round of ideas and implementation.

Here is a list of Ideas to stimulate personal achievement:

List of Ideas for Personal Achievement

  • Have written goals.  Define the why, when, and how of these goals.  Visit your written list regularly.
  • Develop better concentration. We live in a society that has information and stimuli coming at us from all directions and at outrageous speeds.  Carve out time for personal reflection and planning.  Make sure you have time for contemplation (ideas) as well as concentration (focus.)
  • With increased concentration comes increased clarity.  When your focus and thoughts have more clarity, there is less chance of error or in heading down the wrong path for ideas, solutions, or implementation.
  • Practice good time management techniques.  Know what time of the day you are most productive and use this time for important tasks or tasks that require concentration.  Determine what times of the day that your productivity is low and use this time to perform more routine tasks.  Plan your work and work your plan.
  • Rest, work, and play.   A life lived in balance is a well-lived life.

If you feel that you understand everything presented in the list and feel you are missing the inner motivation needed to move forward on all fronts – work, family, social, and spiritual – then check out the Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement. This is our best workshop. Why? Because it gets results for everyone – teenagers, workers, executives, family members and sales people. Inner motivation and personal drive are intangibles contained in everyone, yet, sometimes we need to recharge our own thoughts.

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Judy W Bell

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