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Do YOU Have a Public Image?

How We Either Survive or Succeed with Adaptive Behavior

Like President Obama, most of us have various roles in our lives in which we do have a public image. At the current moment, you may be in any combination of roles, such as a spouse, parent, executive, volunteer, student or mentor. In each role your adaptive behavioral style will likely change to fit the situation and its demands. Still, you will consistently maintain the same natural behavioral style, or the real you.

Adapting to Survive or Succeed?

While your natural behavioral style is your true identity, it is not always the behavior we create for others to see. In fact, our adaptive behavior is more observable because we will often make changes to either survive or succeed. Whether the change is dramatic or slight, knowing why the change is occurring is important. Most often, those changing to survive will tend to follow rules and regulations. On the other hand, those changing to succeed will tend to adapt to the behaviors called for by the environment.

Your Public Image at Work

Think of situations where you have to be more conscious of adapting your behavioral style on the job. Maybe it is when you speak publically, are faced with quick decisions or have to comply with strict rules. Do you feel stressed, exhausted and uncomfortable?

It is important to understand how your natural and adaptive behavioral styles are affecting your work. A simple assessment and review of your personal results is a great step toward harnessing your natural behavioral styles for improved communication, productivity, teamwork and overall enjoyment on the job. Then, you can uncover even more about your personal strengths by assessing personal motivators, skills and emotional intelligence.

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